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Drug crime accusations

Drug crimes are some of the most common crimes that occur. Whether you're being accused of a minor possession of marijuana or a major accusation of owning and operating a meth lab, we will stand by your side and provide you the defense you deserve.

prescription fraud law
  • Drug possession

  • Drug distribution

  • Drug trafficking

  • School zone offenses

  • Informant arrest issues

  • Illegal search and seizure

We handle:

Don't let you drug possession or other drug-related charge ruin the rest of your life and affect your ability to get jobs, insurance, and more in the future. Give our experts a call today to get started on a legal defense against your accusations.

We're ready to help you

We can handle both federal and state criminal drug charges that you're facing. We want to help preserve your reputation.

  • Federal charges

  • Controlled substances

  • Juvenile drug crimes

  • Meth lab operations

  • Prescription fraud

  • Medical Marijuana

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